Now in stock! MDS Billet Crankshafts!

With strokes: 72,4 mm, 76 mm, 80 mm, 86 mm, 94,5 mm samt 102 mm

MDS vevaxel 1

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We can now supply complete stroker kits including crankshaft, con rods, pistons, bearings and all new blocks at extremely competitive pricing.

strok kit

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Motor Design Sweden AB interested in contacts with international partners

The core business of our company is development and marketing of racing engines. Our highly competitive and cost efficient engines are finding a wide usage in all categories of national and international motor sport, ranging from rallycross -, rally- and racing cars.

In addition we develop and market a wide range of high performance and racing components, including engine parts, complete intake systems and high torque RWD transmission parts, also gear sets (from SSF-Pyörä), final gears in wide range of ratios and unique externally adjustable LSD diffs (from Unic AB) and clutches. The latter come from HELIX AutoSport. We also market rally and race parts like brakes from HiSpec.

The company has over the years built up a highly respected and strong position in Scandinavia and to a degree also in Northern Europe and USA. Now it wants to extend its presence further world wide and to achieve this it is now open to contacts and discussions with interested potential partners to take steps in this direction. For interested parties please get in touch MD Kent Karlsson, the homepage providing all information of products, services, location, phone, mail- and email address.

First Autocross win in klass Sprint 1600

K.N.A.F. / SONAK / A.C.V.O. Pieterzijl Holland 20 april. Marcel Schoo took a fine win with engine built up with the MDS EVO Duratec cylinder head in unique 1600 cc version

Sprint 1600


  1. Marcel Schoo
  2. Edwin Tolkamp
  3. Erik Diepnenmaat
  4. Dirk-Jan Middelveld
  5. Andre Vrieze
  6. Maarten Klosters
  7. Jimmy Hop
  8. Rens van der Haas
  9. Bruno van Landjyt
  10. Geert Keuper / Frank Rutgers

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New MDS Transmission

Our all new 5-speed sequential transmission is now available. Very low weight at 18.5 kg, 5 kg less than the M45 original.


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