The MDS Volvo Cylinder Heads & Engines

MDS Unique Cylinder Heads 2 Valve EVO SOHC and 4 Valve DOHC 4-cylinder

  • High torque Volvo EVO engines for Rallycross/ Rally/ Race; Carbs or FIE
  • 2,3L - 3,2L and 270 - 380 Hp
  • Derivative EVO 2 Valve for Ford 4-cylinder (Pinto block) available

MDS Motorsport/ Replacement Engine Block for the Volvo Red Engines

MDS-R BLOCK 3Supply of Volvo B230R Original Red Engine Blocks has become increasingly scarce, with a real risk for new Engine Block sourcing drying out completely.
Therefore, MDS has in own development defined and developed a completely new Motorsport/ Replacement Engine Block. The unique new casting of course covers the needs of today but is even more focused on protecting for the requirements of the future. The completely new block from all new tooling is designed with the latest state of the art development methods and most up to date knowledge. The block is also significantly stronger structurally through the all new detailed design, the crank case is further reinforced and the block is created more symmetrical. It is cast in a particular strong cast iron quality (actually the material is similar to that used by BMW and Mercedes in their Motorsport Blocks). The end result is an all new, structurally very strong and stable block, with reduced weight and not least engine friction. Furthermore, a displacement increase can also be realized without any compromises in strength or reliability.

Motor Design Volvo Products & Services:

  • MDS is Sole Supplier of 2 Valve EVO Cylinder Heads Volvo

MDS Also Provides:

  • Dry Sumps
  • MDS Roller Barrel Throttles
  • High Performance 4 Valve Cylinder Heads for Volvo Engines, Rally and Rallycross application incl.Turbo Div 1
  • All related tuning parts for Volvo 4-cylinder Engines
  • Heavy Duty gearboxes for RWD
  • Wide range RWD Final Gear/Diffs. 3,15:1 - 5,85:1

Also all related services:

  • Engine build
  • Testing services


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MDS developed systems & components for the Volvo 16 Valve 4 cylinder 2.0 - 3.0L

Motor Design can now provide in house all new developed components and systems for this very interesting Volvo engine:

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