The All New MDS Full Race 4V-Cylinder Head

Unique Design and Casting for Full Race Performance. Basic design for 4 & 5 cyl. Volvo engines (and derivatives thereof as used in Ford, Renault), with bore spacing 91 mm. Adaptable to other engines with similar bore spacing (Hyundai etc)

bild15The all new 4V-Full Race cylinder head is an unique MDS design, optimized for Volvo (N-and later RN-series) engines with 91 mm bore spacing. Also for all derivatives thereof in Ford and Renault applications) Optimum valve angles for highest flow and uncompriomised full race port shape.

The head design is versatile and can be adapted to other base engines with same bore spacing. One successful application was realized in an 2L 4cyl. Hyundai Div 1 Rallycross engine.

The head is cast in UK in high strength heat treated (AlSi7Mg0.6) aluminium. To cope with very highly rated appliations the new cylinder head has a very strong internal design from bottom deck up, with carefully positioned bulheads and webbing.

A massive 15 mm thick bottom deck increases the structural integrity of the casting, making the MDS 4V-Full Race Head the absolute choice for high performance and high cylinder pressure applications including super-or turbocharging as well as nitrous.

The cylinder head comes fully CNC-machined for a superb finished quality, including port shapes and valve seats. Compression volume in haed as well as valve size can be uniquely specified.

Overall, this Full Race 4V- MDS cylinder head is the ultimate choice for high performance engines with 91 mm bore spacing. It combines an uncompromised quality with completely new possibilities for development to thus far unparalleled performance.

This unique product from MDS is the only Full Race type cylinder head available on the market, directly applicable to Volvo engines and derivatives thereof.

Intake Exhaust Valve
max dia mm
Tappet (flat tappet)
max dia mm
Max Valve Lift mm
34 mm
29 mm
35 mm
34 mm
 17 mm

Convex tappet (INA) possible

Application of Full Race 4V-MDS Cylinder Head

bild19One early customer of the new Full Race 4V-MDS Cylinder Head was Thomas Rådström in Sweden. Adapted by MDS and Trollspeed to the Hyundai Accent 2L-base engine in full Div 1 Rally Cross trim. Power was 550 hk and torque 720 Nm. The Hyundai Div. 1 Rallycross car was 4WD and turbocharged. It was run successfully through 2005 - 2007 seasons competitively and achieved good results.