MDS 4-cyl Duratec EVO Cylinder Head

Unique Design and Casting for Highest Performance and Rating

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Cylinder head is an all new MDS design. The head is cast in UK in high grade aluminium (AlSi7Mg0.6 material), heat treated for maximum strength.

Increased deck thickness for turbo. Up to 15 mm thick bottom deck increases the structural integrity of the casting, making the cylinder head an absolute choice for high performance and high cylinder pressure applications.

Increased casting integrity and strength. The casting strength is increased with the new design. More material around the intake and exhaust ports and cylinder head bosses. Inner bulkheads and webbing have been added as well as more material to increase wall thickness at all critically loaded areas.

Better cooling. The water jacket has an added upper gallery for good aeration. Full cross cooling (with an external feed gallery) or mixed cooling strategies are possible.

Uncompromised high flowing ports. The intake and exhaust ports are designed for racing applications and with unrestricted opportunites for port shapes and designs for maximum flow.

Application of New MDS Duratec EVO Cylinder Head. Successful early customers of the new MDS Duratec EVO Cylinder Head was world known rally ace Marcus Grönholm and Andreas Ericsson in Sweden, both in the Ford Team RS in Sweden with Ford Fiesta Div 1 Rallycross cars. Wins and several podiums were achieved in 2008 in the fiercly competitive European Championship Div 1 class. The success has continued through 2009 and 2010 with wins in the ESPN X Games LA and fine results in the Pikes Peak race.

The ultimate for high performance. The design has more space for the valve system, matching higher lift camshafts and larger than standard bucket tappets.It comes fully CNC-machined for a superb finished quality. The MDS cylinder head is the ultimate high performance Duratec tuning. It combines uncompromised quality with completely new possibilities for development and performance.

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Raised inlet and exhaust ports for high flow efficiency and improved cooling. The standard ports shown in yellow lines

Hör kommer en tabell med tabelltext: The MDS EVO head can handle valve ligft up to 17 mm (Requires a reduced base circle cam and some machining)


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