Motor Design Sweden AB

The company was founded in 1992 by current MD Kent Karlsson and is located half an hour drive south of Gothenburg. Motor Design AB (MDS) develops, builds and markets engines for all categories of motor sport, primarily for racing, rally and rallycross application. Although the core operation is design and development of own unique products primarily linked to Volvo base engines, the company also develops, procures and provides high performance engines as well as parts, systems, components and related services for all categories of motor sport. 

Products and History

The main and most succesful MDS product is the 2V EVO cylinder head, which was homologated by Vovo for national rally application. Motor Design has a most comprehensive program for all classes from 2,4L to 3,2 L displacement. Hundreds of engines with the EVO-cylinder head are now in operation and the number of customers and users is still growing steadily. 

MDS are engaged in the development of 4-cyl Volvo 4V-engines as well, primarily providing cylinder heads and components for turbo applications in the rallycross Div. 1 category. Specific developments for very high performance naturally aspirated engines and related applications are also ongoing.

The MDS background includes direct involvement in ETCC and STCC as well as DTC together with Volvo through the seasons 2003 to 2006 on the engine supporting side. This was very useful in the MDS development of its own unique full race Motor Design 4- och 5-cyl full race cylinder heads, as well as of the dry sump systems for the current range of Volvo naturally aspirated and turbo engines. Said engines are also found in a number of cars produced by Renault och Ford. The MDS full race design is fully developed and has proved its competitiveness successfully in rallycross Div.1. Then in a specific version which was adopted to an Hyundai 4-cyl. engine.

Latest Motor Design design and development is the unique “EVO” cylinder head for the  4-cyl. Duratec engine, as used in Volvo cars and aso in many Ford and Mazda products. All experiences gained from the development of the 2V EVO cyl. head has been applied to the EVO Duratec program. The strength, robustness and reliability of the Motor Design EVO Duratec cylinder head was proven when the M.S.E/Ford Team RS Sweden (engines built by Ultra Motor) successfully competed and won races with their Ford Fiesta Div 1 rallycross in the European Championship through the season 2008, with Andreas Ericsson and rallye ace Marcus Grönholm as well known and successful drivers.

Motor Design also develops and markets a very broad range of powertrain products including high performance gearboxes and final gear assemblies for rear wheel drive.

Motor Design general products and services

Motor Design designs and develops and markets componenter as well as complete engines, provides build of engines, all related machining services as well as construction work. MDS has in very up to date premises their own flow bench and fully equipped engine testing facilities for all forms of engine performance tests, including mapping and optimization.

The company is under continued expansion. Near future plans include the addition of an 4WD rolling road facility, complementing the already very good and up to date overall facilities. MDS also offers direct on site overnight accomodation for long distance visiting customer adding an unique flexibility of  service at pick up of products. The company operations have evolved continously through its history and its current business is significantly at a different level compared to that of the traditional tuning company. 

How to find MotorDesign

From the E6 going in direction South, turn off at the junction in the direction Tjolöholm, then turn North following the sign Fjärås on the old E6:route, then after 1 km turn right at the Shell petrol station, go under the railway overpass and after 1 km turn off South in direction Gällinge. Follow his road 5 km and you will then find MotorDesign directly at the left turn off signed direction Finas Torpgård